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Set of Three


The 'Set of Three' allows for a custom selection of 3 bottles of Mists.

    • Banoffee Mist - Green: The lovely Banoffee flavour needs no introduction and has proven to be formidable in catching Carp all year round. Combining this with our highly visible mist effect was an obvious choice and has proven to be consistently irresistible in practice.
    • Blackcurrant Mist - Purple: Fruity flavours are popular during the colder months as the Carps metabolism slows down and they spend less time hunting for food. Our Blackcurrant Mist releases a sweet and appetising scent which is working wonders in the field and the colder water allows this irresistible scent to linger beneath the water for even longer.
    • Dark Squid Mist - Blue: Carp crave fish-meal based baits during the warmer months they are more active in searching for protein. With this in mind, our Dark Squid Mist slowly releases a strong scent beneath the water which appears in the form of a lovely blue cloud, helping further draw the attention of the Carp.
    • Toffee Cream Mist - White: The unique aroma of the Toffee Cream is irresistible while creating a thick creamy and brilliant white mist. This is one of our most sought after products.
    • Bloodworm Mist - Red: With worm forming part of a Carp's natural diet it was essential that we added this unique scent to our range which leaves a distinctive red mist on the lake bed.
    • Mixed Nut Mist - White: Here we have it, an absolutely gorgeous smelling Mixed Nut Mist in White. This is a blend of both Peanut and Hazelnut which together create a lovely yet powerful aroma any carp will find hard to resist.

    Squeezing the Mist into PVA bags, stick mixes, spod mixes and soaking hook baits creates a lovely highly visible and oily aroma which releases slowly into the water, tantalizing the Carps senses.

    • Hi-Viz Green, Purple, Blue, Red & White
    • 100ml of each
    • PVA Friendly
    • Long Nozzle Head

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