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Snatch & Grab

I've not had much free time lately so getting on the bank has been hard, however, I did managed to sneak in a quick over-night session recently which was very welcome.

The choice of pegs was limited on arrival and I was forced to the shallow end of the lake which often proves difficult during the hours of darkness, with the carp prefering the deeper areas. This turned out to be the case unfortunately although it was a lovely night to be outside.

Thankfully, just as I was starting to pack away the brolly and fearing the blank, the right rod went off. This was a small cove, tight in the reeds on the far bank. Upon arrival I had laid a small bed of particle with the spomb and fished over it with a ronnie rig using a size 6 hook. On this rig I was using a white 15mm pop-up which had been soaked in the Mixed Nut Mist for around 24 hours.

Surprisingly for it's size the fish gave a good fight, taking me around a bend and under a set of over-hanging trees. Given I was using 9ft rods it took a bit of stretching and fiddling to get it free and back round the bend but it eventually came in and hung at 19lb on the nose.

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