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Mixed Nut + Zigs

Just got back from a cracking little day session! I didn't arrive till 10:00am which is later than usual for me but I managed a fish early on using two bits of fake corn on a Ronnie rig which was presented over some spod mix that had the Mixed Nut Mist added to it. A few hours went by and I spotted a few fish in the upper layers of the water so switched over to a zig setup, but still no joy. I did manage to pick up a few out the margins with the fake corn but I had now included the Banoffee and Blackcurrant Mists as well as a few chopped Krill boilies from Holland Baits.

As it started to cool down the rod down the margin with the soaked corn went tearing off with a nice 20.2lbs mirror which was very welcome to cap the day off. Then, just as I was packing down one of my rods I noticed the fish were back on the surface again, so I chucked a six foot zig out with a Krill pop up trimmed down to look like dog biscuit. This was soaked with the Mist again so that I could create a nice white cloud in the upper layers and the plan worked, within 10 minutes it went off with a nice low double and then, while my back was turned, it went again instantly with a cracking 19.14lbs common!

Pretty chaotic for the last 30 minutes but in all it was a great day out on the bank.

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