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Jamie with his new PB at over 37lb!

Well... I have just got back from a great session and one I won't forget for awhile!

I was fishing on a lake that can be a pretty tricky and I have fished here twice previously without a single knock or liner. The peg I wanted was taken so I jumped in one that had a mixture of both shallow and deep water which gave me the option of the shallow water in the day and then as the temperature started to drop I could fish the deeper water. I scattered a few baits between two islands and fished with a wafter glugged in the Blackcurrant Mist between them. On the other rod I opted for a 20mm Manila bottom bait tipped off with a 10mm white pop-up, glugged in the Banoffee Mist, that pinned tight to the island. At 1:30am in the morning I was woken by a nice 22.2lbs common on the Banoffee soaked snowman. Then only hour later I had another take on the rod tight to the island which was a lovely looking 20.5lbs mirror, a nice little stumpy thing. I got a few hours sleep until 5:30am when the left hand rod tight to the island let off a couple of bleeps... I left it for a minute or so and then it ripped off taking me all over the place. I didn't realise how big it was until I got it in the net but as I looked down I saw the shoulders on this fish I knew it was a big! I got it on the scales and it came in at 37.4lb beating my PB and just one pound off the lake record!

I had planned to go home after the second night, which was much calmer with no fishing coming out anywhere on the lake but in the evening just as I was about to pack up they started showing and fizzing everywhere so I got a ticket for an extra night. It paid off as only half hour later my left rod rattled off again with a nice little 17.2lbs common. This was fished on a single piece of maize using a stick mix that was soaked in the Bloodworm Mist.

While I had a great session no other fish came out across the lake during the 3 days so I know I owe it do doing something different and that difference was the Systemite Mist, it really did give me the edge.

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