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The Banoffee Mist gave Jamie the edge!

We received some great feedback today from one of our customers, Jamie, who recently had success using the Banoffee Mist in Green.

Jamie said: "Recently I visited a local day ticket water, I usually sit and wait for fish to show before settling down but on this occasion the conditions were far from ideal. Strong winds and heavy rain gave me doubts for a successful trip. I decided to brave the elements anyway and set up on the sheltered side of the island. Using a faithful rig that I trust highly, a standard knotless knot tied to a size eight curve shank hook. The bottom bait was a glugged Manila dumbell and this was complimented by half a white pop up which had been soaked in the Systemite Banoffee Mist. I protected this with a small stick mix which was also soaked in the Mist, which also helps to prevent tangles.

A few hours went by and my right hand rod that was tight to the island rattled off with a small 12.4lbs common. I quickly got back out on the same spot and a few hours later I had another, this time a lovely mirror at 18.7lbs. I dug in for the night and in the early hours I woke up to ducks flying over and crashing into the lake. Strangely, as this happened the same rod that was tight to the island went screaming off with a beautiful 20.5lbs mirror. It turned out to be a great little over night session, thanks to the Mist giving that extra edge."

Brilliant story and a successful session. Keep hauling Jamie!

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