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A Quick Day On The Mixed Nut

Jamie has just got back from a great little 24 hour session where he was testing out the new Mixed Nut Mist and the impending Toffee Cream Pop-Ups.

"I nipped out to a complex I used to fish when I was younger but the specimen lake was full so I jumped on the smaller pit for a quick session. The day started fairly slowly with no fish showing and a lot of pressure from the anglers on the lake but as light started to fade I managed to pull in a nice 20.9lbs common. This was followed by a smaller double before it all calmed down again. Then, in the early hours of the morning I kept seeing fish top on the far side of the lake but the peg was taken. Thankfully he soon left which was in the morning at about 8am so I jumped straight in there and felt confident of being on the fish again.

Within an hour of being there I landed another small double and kept getting runs through the day but again only managed to land a small double. About an hour before I was leaving the swim suddenly erupted and I had 3 takes within the hour! One of them was a lovely 19.5lbs mirror.

I usually fish on the bottom but Systemite had sent me a pot of their new pop-ups to test and they seemed to be doing the trick! For this session I was fishing with the White Toffee Cream pop-ups, glugged with the new Mixed Nut Mist, fished on an inline system on a Ronnie Rig, using on a 5 inch boom section."

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