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A Day of Sun & Personal Bests

Michael was testing the Blackcurrant Mist at a small day ticket lake in Shropshire during the summer. The lake isn't known for large specimens, however there are a wide range of species to aim for which makes for an active day of fishing.

With the sun shining and the carp cruising in the upper layers Michael set to floating some bread across the surface to get them interested. The bread was soaked in the Mist which created a lovely oily cloud which the fish couldn't resist, a tactic we hadn't even thought of previously!

After hooking a few smaller fish Michael hit into the biggest in the lake, a lovely looking common at 15lb.

A new personal best for Michael, a lake record and a great day out in the summer which is what it's all about.

Michael commented: "I decided to throw in another piece of bread coated in the blackcurrant mist. I landed it just in front of the biggest carp I could see and it took the whole piece right back and then began a nice fight before finally coming into the net."


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