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Premium Liquid Carp Bait

Advances in bait and tackle within carp fishing has been phenomenal and we are all benefiting from the huge range of products available. However, once you filter through the noise and the gimmicks there are some products which stand out and genuinely do provide an edge to the angler. Unfortunately, these often come at a premium price due to the lack of competition in the market place and Systemite aim to change this trend.

Underwater footage has proven that liquid attractants gain special attention from carp and help trigger feeding responses. 

Here at Systemite we specialise in creating cutting edge liquid baits which are high in naturally attractive oils. Our unique range of Mist's produce a highly visible cloud which is specifically designed to slowly spread across the bottom of the lake, surrounding the hook bait with attractive scents and high visibility.

Our aim is to provide anglers with baits which truly rival the top brands for quality, while keeping them affordable. We want our products to produce results so we ensure that we overload on the important ingredients which are naturally appealing to carp.